The best for everyone

Benefits for house builders

  • One system for all heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water supply on 1 m² (160 x 60 cm)
  • No outdoor unit needed
  • Easy and cost-saving installation, as pumps, distributor, expansion vessel etc. are already installed
  • Can be plugged directly into 230V/16A socket 
  • Floor heating PEX can be connected directly to the unit
  • Possibility to use traditional radiators in combination with floor heating
  • Prefabrication ensures high quality and minimizes work on site
  • Compliant with stringent building construction regulations and future EU directives (Eco-design and F-gas)
  • Good energy labelling of the house 

Benefits for house owners

  • Low operating cost
  • Heating and hot water bill is reduced by two third
  • Energy meter included for monitoring performance
  • Comfortable living with adjustable heating, free cooling and plenty of hot water
  • Low noise
  • Compact installation
  • No uncertainty with regards to future phase-out of HFCs used in other heat pumps
  • Green feelgood for the entire family

Benefits for the environment

  • The environment benefits from reduced emissions of greenhouse gases, because the heat pump delivers three times more heat energy than it consumes in primary energy.
  • Isolve Air uses a natural refrigerant that is neither toxic nor flammable, and that does not have a strong global warming potential, like the commonly used HFC refrigerants have.