Isolve Air - Integrated system for heating, cooling, fresh air and hot water

One system for all your needs to stay comfortable at home - and it only takes up 1 m² of your space.

Isolve Air is an environmentally friendly, highly efficient heating AND cooling system designed for modern residential houses. It consists of an integrated ventilation, heat pump and energy storage unit with the size of a refrigerator cabinet.


The combination of using the eco-friendly refrigerant CO2 and a patented process for energy storage and hot water production, allows the system to compete with the efficiency of far more expensive ground source heat pumps, while in addition offering other benefits like balanced ventilation.


Isolve Air is ideal for new energy efficient residential houses as it produces heat AND cold when needed. Furthermore, it stores occasional surplus heat. It is best suited where there is a distinct temperature difference between day and night, as the system will then benefit from temperature difference by use of the energy storage.


Isolve Air can give big energy savings for both space heating and hot water heating - and it has the ability to provide free cooling.


Isolve Air will, with its CO2 heat pump, be compliant with future EU directives such as Eco-design and F-gas directives, and thereby eliminate uncertainties regarding the planned out-facing of HFC gases used in conventional heat pumps.


End user benefits are

  • A profitable investment that offers a short payback time.
  • A true Eco friendly system with natural refrigerant.
  • Heating with radiators and floor heating.
  • Plenty of hot water.
  • Cooling at no extra cost.
  • Plug and play. Easy installation.
  • And the best is that it saves you up to two thirds of your heating bill.

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