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Renewable energy

is a key issue in Europe and elsewhere, because it replaces fossil fuels or nuclear energy. Fossil fuels like oil and coal adds to CO2 content in the atmosphere and global warming is a real threat to humanity.


In addition most countries want to reduce their dependence on imported energy and to improve their trade balance. Heat pumps as source for renewable energy will be essential in the transition to a sustainable energy future.

Isolve Air technology

Isolve Air is an integrated system for heating, cooling, fresh air and hot water. Three basic facts were considered when this system was developed.

  • Outdoor day temperature is systematically higher than the night temperature.
  • People sleep at night and use hot water during the day.
  • Today houses are built well insulated and air tight.

A heat pump with a natural refrigerant (R744) is the key technology in the system.


In order to make the heat pump work with maximum efficiency it is connected to the ventilation system of the house and it has an energy storing unit. A patented compressing cycle enables us to use the energy storage as heat source during nighttime when the outside air is colder. This makes it possible to harvest heat energy when it is available under the best possible conditions - and also to produce hot water and space heating or cooling at optimal conditions.


At daytime outside air is used as energy source for Isolve Air to produce hot water and space heating or cooling. At the same time surplus heat is used to charge the energy storage. At nighttime the energy storage serves as energy source for the heat pump, which pre-heats water for next day's hot water consumption and produces space heating.

Technical data per January 21, 2019

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