Per Erik Holm - The Inventor and CEO

The Norwegian Per Erik Holm established the company Varmepumpen AS in 1997 with the initial purpose of being a one-stop-shop for customers wishing to replace oil furnaces with environmentally friendly heat pump solutions.

In 2018 the company changed name to Isolve AS, to reflect that the company's focus now is on developing complete, integrated solutions for energy-efficient indoor climatization.

Committed to "the green transition" and being a genuine enthusiast when it comes to developing and applying new technology for saving energy, Per Erik perceived in 2015 a unique idea for an innovative, truly environmentally friendly and energy efficient heating system. Patents were applied for and since then Per Erik has continuously developed, tested and improved the system up to the current version of Isolve Air.

Today Per Erik is the CEO of Isolve AS and the majority shareholder of the company. He is a mechanical engineer, and holds a MSc. in Energy Management from BI Norwegian Business School. Prior to establishing Isolve AS he worked with the development of a new air to water heat pump system and as an editor for Norsk VVS, the leading Norwegian HVAC magazine.